The Montgomery County Small Business Association (MCSBA) has been created to help small businesses located in Montgomery County, Maryland grow their business.  MCSBA is led by a group of dedicated volunteers and small business owners whose main concern is to help our members increase their contracts with Montgomery County, Maryland government.  Our members are primarily small businesses registered with Montgomery County, Maryland government to provide services to the government.

The Montgomery County Small Business Association additionally wants to help our members to increase business with other county governments in the state of Maryland and with the state of Maryland government as well.

Why join?  Montgomery County Small Business Association will provide many benefits to its members, but not limited to:

    • Networking events and inclusion in our member directory
    • Meetings with educational guest speakers addressing issues that small businesses face
    • Access to complimentary professional counseling in the fields of banking, insurance, and information technology
    • Opportunity for mentorship with small business needs, including Montgomery County contracting.
    • Resources/Mentorship for small business to find contract opportunities within Montgomery County and throughout the region